Parallaxing Backgound

2009-12-22 5:43 PM

Made a parallaxing background manager that takes in a vector from something (in this case the player) and alters the background.

I ran into trouble with the math when I wanted to get extremely small parallax scale values.

The art is done by Shea L.

Tags: XNA

Akumamatata dev video #3 : Game is done

2009-11-13 6:40 PM

Finished up Akumamatata the other night. This would be the first full library and game I managed to make without having to constantly resort to a book or reference somewhere. I’m finally starting to get a grip on XNA, at least the 2D portion of it.

Over the next while I’ll be doing a handful of 2D projects this time with original content drawn by me and some friends.

Anyways here’s a vid of Akumamatata, no download link of course for obvious reasons

Tags: Akumamatata WorkHistory XNA

Ps_ForestPass an attempt an outdoor map in the source engine

2009-10-23 8:04 PM

Here’s a map I’m working on for FAS. It attempts to do an outdoor forest scene in Source which is a little rough.

I learned the value of modulation blend textures from this map, the quality increase from using them on your terrain blends is huge. The tree model is about my 4th attempt at doing an evergreen, I’m still not entirely happy with it but it’s improving every time which is good.



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