Deathning Dev vid #2

2010-01-23 5:08 AM

Here’s an update to the parallaxing background test I was doing before. I added a bullet manager, some collisions and “camera code” to keep the view on the player. I also went out and bought a xbox360 controller so I can start coding for its inputs and it is very nice.

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Ps_derailed update

2009-12-22 5:36 PM

I havent had time to map much lately because of school but the nice thing about being away from a map for so long is your mind keeps subconciously working on it. I had no lack of ideas for this map.

The progressive spawns are completely redone and are moved a bit further away from the center cap point. There is now about 200% more upper level sniper and support spots. There has been a lot of re-texturing to give it a more industrial and unified feel. The texture theme before was a little all over the place. HDR exposure is reduced and the lighing is getting there, it still needs some more incremental changes though.

The shots here show off the redone areas and sniper points over the 3rd cap point. Note that the 3rd cap point goes into the garage and is now much more heavily fortified, it should be easier to defend despite the increase of sniper points focused on it.







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Ps_Crossfire update

2009-12-22 5:28 PM

Crossfire has had a few issues relating to holding flags. Before there was a flag that was fairly difficult to defend because it had roughly 270 degrees of overwatches focused on it.

I’ve moved that flag into a nearby warehouse and opened up a few more paths towards this warehouse. It should be much easier to defend now.

I will probably be doing another update for “the ghetto” flag to make it easier to defend.

I’ve also added a sewer system under the park area, hopefully this will make it easier for blue to hold as well as make it easier for red to cap.



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