AS_Caliber timelapse development video and new screenshots

2011-09-28 2:25 PM

I recently did some major work on the map AS_Caliber for .

It’s getting very close to done and is going through a final art pass by some of the FAS team artists.





I’ve also taken a time-lapse video of me working on some of the new areas. I think the video will be a lot more interesting if I had shown myself working on something from scratch but some people still might find this interesting

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Global Game Jam 2011 part 3

2011-01-30 7:23 AM

So I have managed to scrounge up about 4 hours of sleep. We are now in the final lap of the game. The game is pretty much playable and has gotten a few bugs. Cleaning those up and moving on to the polish.

There is about 12 more hours to the game jam. Look forward to sleeping :p

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Global Game Jam 2011 part 2

2011-01-29 12:44 PM

Just had one hour of sleep. Time to see if I can code after that or if I need to go back to sleep.

Game is getting there, finished getting orbital rotations on enemies and debugged all the hitboxes. Time to meet milestone 4: “The beginnings of a game”.

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