Race Condition – School Project

2012-08-18 4:16 PM

I just put up a page for the game Race Condition which I did as a school project recently.


If anyone is interested in the source I can probably open source it. I’d recommend using the Heliopause engine code in my programming section through. It’s more complete and I will beupdatingit more frequently.


Deadly Hack : Game in 70 hours update.

2012-06-16 10:29 PM

Deadly Hack is the name of the game I am developing as part of the http://levelism.com/?p=322 experiment. I’m currently at hour 85. So far my hours have been split roughly as follows:

Programming : 38 hoursDesign : 25.5 hoursArt : 18 hours

The game is a top down dungeon crawler inspired by older Zelda games and the Shadowrun games on SNES and Genesis. You are from a hacking/activist group who have recently come across some evidence that could take down a large pharmaceuticals company. Unfortunately the member of your group you were due to meet with disappeared and is rumored to have been kidnapped by the company. You play as one of 4 characters from the group tasked with infiltrating the company’s main office.

The gameplay is similar to Zelda in that there is a series of floors which tend to require a key or other form of access to progress to the next floor. Hacking plays a fairly large role in progressing through the game or opening new paths to progress through the game.

Because of school/work issues mentioned in the previous post development of the game went on hiatus. Now that I have more time I am beginning to ramp up development again. I have a friend name Abdon helping me with things like character development and dialog. Writing is not one of my strong suits so it’s great to have some help.

In my next Deadly Hack post I will identify the specific issues that caused me to go over my time budget so severely.

Here is 2 screenshots of the first floor in the game.




The Blog is Back!

2012-06-15 4:23 PM

Last Janurary I went back to college for another semester, took on a programming job and got involved in some extracurricular school activities. As a result I had to put all personal projects on hold because there was too much schoolwork and real work. IF there’s one silver lining to this stressful period of time it was a great reminder of how much I love working on drawing, games and other creative projects.

I’m out of school for the summer which gives me much more free time. I am working a job as a programmer on an educational video game but I work a maximum of 35 hours a week so it doesn’t cut into my time very much.

During this time I’m planning to keep working on Cult Retribution and Deadly Hack (the 70 hour game mentioned in my http://levelism.com/?p=322 ).

I’m hoping to keep this blog updated at least once every 2 weeks. One of the best things I’ve found about keeping a development blog is that it helps you identify when you’ve been slacking off.

In the next post I’ll be talking about my 70 hour game experiment and it’s current status.