Japan Week #24 One of my Favourite Restaurants

2013-10-07 9:10 PM

That’s right it’s a food blog post. You’ve been warned.

One of my favourite things about Japan is eating out. The chance of finding a restaurant where the food is cheap, high quality and has a good atmosphere is really good in Japan. I’ve had really good luck randomly going into interesting looking places in Japan and having a good overall experience.

This restaurant (NAME) is such a place. It’s a place in Kyoto which specializes in seafood. Price is good (about 40$ for two with drinks), the food is really good and it has a menu that encourages sharing.



First up is some deep fried assorted skewers. Great drinking food of course. This was mostly various seafood such as fish and octopus but there was some pork sausages in there too. It comes with a special restaurant sauce they make. The deal is that they give you the large bowl of sauce which you can only dip once into since it’s shared by the restaurant. Keep this in mind if you ever are served a large bowl of sauce that seems far too much for the table.

Also the sauce was amazing.


This is Oden. A pretty popular food in Japan that didn’t seem to make it overseas. It’s basically various things braised in a light broth. In our case we got 2 eggs and a daikon segment. it’s served with a spicy mustard.


I was introduced to a new way to be served Sake at this restaurant which I’m told is fairly common. Basically they put a large glass in a box then pour Sake until the glass overflows and fills the box. You do drink the box (or add it to your glass). The quantity is much more than a typical order of Sake.



This is one of my new favourite foods. A braised Tuna jaw with a lot of Wasabi. The thing is about 8$ (or less considering the value of the yen at the time of writing this post) and has a ton of meat on it. The thing is you have to work to get to all of it. Luckily I was with someone experienced at finding all the regions with good meat on them. For the price it’s a great deal and it takes at least 30 mins to prepare so you have plenty of extra time to drink and socialize.

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IAmAGamer Game Jam

2013-09-21 11:39 PM

About 6 weeks ago I attended the IAmAGamer Game jam with a focus on a strong female protaganist. We ended up making a game called GameChanger where you play a piece of concept art with a female protaganist who’s been thrown away due to an order from management.

The game involves you returning and entering the computer with the source code, traversing the levels and getting yourself in the game. It was quite fun, I got to see a lot of schoolmates I haven’t seen and my sister helped out with music while my partner did art.

You can see a video here

And you can play the game here:



Japan Week #20 Ni-Jo Jo

2013-07-20 5:14 AM

In the weekend of week 20 we went to Ni-Jo Jo. From what I recall this was a palce where the king once lived. I would have loved to be able to share some interior photos but that is forbidden at Ni-Jo Jo. The interior is very impressive though. If you are in Kyoto I would definitely say this is a place you should visit.


This is a view of the house area for the king from a high vantage point in the corner of the courtyard. It’s about 2-3 stories in the air looking down.


Another shot from outside the courtyard walls.


Another shot along the outside of the center courtyard. Lots of good environment art inspiration here.


The garden along the outside of the castle is kept immaculate and trimmed to the smallest detail.

resources/images/2013/07/04.pngMore of the garden.

Anyways Ni-Jo Jo was a great place to visit. You can easily spend a few hours there just looking around. Definitely worth the visit if you are in Kyoto city.

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