Cyberpunk Gamejam Entry : Arial Society

2014-03-18 6:07 AM

I recently entered the week-long Cyberpunk gamjam sponsored by and presented by Deviever.

Due to work I was only able to really spend about 4-5 half days on the game working casually. It was quite fun but I did make some mistakes in relation to the scope and timeline. I’ll address that in a post-mortem that I’m working on.

During development I made a dedicated blog for the development of the game. I updated this very frequently. Whenever I had something new to show, even if it was generally minor I would post about it. This served as a good way to determine how effective I’ve been as well as serve as motivation to continue development. I think I’ll be definitely doing this in the future.

The game was developed using the Haxe OpenFL HaxeFlixel stack and development went great. The development stack will definitely be a key positive in my post mortem.

You can see the development blog for the game here :

Short gameplay video

Some screenshots



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New Onyx Jaguar Website

2014-01-31 1:05 AM

Redid the Onyx Jaguar website in anticipation for the release of some games. Onyx Jaguar is the group of artists/developers I developed NekoRush and Cult Retribution with. Hopefully it will have a nice history of artists collaborating on varied projects.

The previous version was visually unappealing. Not saying this one is beautiful but it’s definitely an improvement over the last one.

I did all the visual stuff in and it was amazing. Suddenly making webpages is so fun when you can code in one screen and see realtime feedback in the other.

My css coding in particular must have sped up 10x. Not only that but with the instant feedback I got a better understanding of some of the layout modifiers like float and display.

In order to save time the news feed is the website reading the Onyx Jaguar tumblr account and transforming it for the website. The about page is . Both of those things really cut down my dev time. I’d estimate it at 8-10 hours including learning Brackets.

Presskit + Tumblr + Brackets + PHP = Interesting and fun solution

You can visit the site here:

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NekoRush Jan 2014 Development Update

2014-01-26 2:17 AM

NekoRush is nearing completion. With that here’s one of the final updates and some animated gifs I’ve made.

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