HaxeFlixel pixel art piece : Chasing the Dead

2014-10-06 3:30 PM

In the interest of finishing open projects I finished up a small pixel art piece which has its motion driven with HaxeFlixel.

Always feels good to have something finished. Makes working on existing projects easier.

You can see it here :http://alexm.itch.io/chasing-the-dead

Here’s a screenshot



I’ve been doing some cooking

2014-10-03 2:17 PM

A hobby I’ve always had is cooking. I was really sad and cancelled my cable when the Canadian food channel pretty much stopped showing cooking shows and only showed reality television or “food porn” shows that aren’t actually educational. That was around the time I cancelled my cable subscription.

Despite not being able to see shows like Chef at Home and French Food at Home I still like to cook when I can. Ideally I’d like to cook more often because even when my food isn’t super healthy , I still feel better than when I get takeout.

Anyways I’ve started a Tumblr where I post about food I cooked that turned out well. I try not to post the total disasters

If you are interested you can visit the blog here:


Here’s a selection of my favorite entries I’ve put in the blog so far :

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FGSL #001 : Introduction to the Fighting Game Study Log

2014-09-30 7:42 PM

I’ve begun a study of how fighting games are made and have decided to start a FGSL (Fighting Game Study Log) blog post series posting my findings and progress developing fighting game code.

Besides being a huge fan of fighting games I’m very interested in how you program a well made fighting game. To do my study I’ve decided to build a fighting game engine and game prototype. Experience making a fighting game is invaluable into learning how making a good fighting game is done. I need to try, fail, and learn about the different techniques that would be used to make a complex fighting game system.I don’t know how long this project will take offhand, I imagine it will go on quite a while at a slow but steady pace. I’ve found so far I’m spending more time reflecting on design than I am programming.

As a software developer, I’m very interested in how I would be able tomanage therelatively complex state machine logic of a fighting game character. I have some ideas which I’m implementing now but I’m sure I’ll learn a lot in the process and have a much better solution in the future.

Right now the game is done in C++ and uses OpenGL for rendering. I’m not using an engine because for this particular project there’s a level of control I want over game loop timing and device input that an engine typically abstracts away too much for my liking. I will get into more specifics on the libraries and technology I’m using in the FGSL blog post.

Over the course of this study I will be posting FGSL blog posts about my findings. They will roughly break up into a few differentcategoriessuch as :
  • Design : I will focus on different design issues in fighting games. These posts will be high level and won’t involve any programming code orimplementationdetails. - Development : Progress on the development of the fighting game I’m writing. - Implementation Spotlights : Articles on how I implemented a specific design feature. These will include code samples. - Thoughts : On topic fighting game posts that don’t necessarily fit into the other categories

I’m hoping to gain a lot of new knowledge across many different disciplines by doing this study. Some of the categories of knowledge I hope to improve in from this study include game design, c++, game programming, complexfinitestate machine implementation & art.I hope my findings also prove useful to other people studying similar topics.

Here is a image of the game as it currently stands, the progress of this photo actually reflects where I am development-wise in blog #004 in this series.


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